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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music Library: Before

As many of you know, I began teaching at a small public school in Monticello this past August. I remember walking into my office and classroom for the first time feeling incredibly optimistic.... And then, I saw my music library. This is what it looked like.

Music was EVERYWHERE.... I would search for music and not find it, order music, and then discover that I already had 50 copies. Money was being wasted. It wasn't good.

I found music with mold and dust all over it. The music probably hadn't been used in over 30 years. Yuck.

As you can see some tiles are missing and strange things are falling from the ceiling....

And some things are growing on the ceiling. Ew.

The floors look like they haven't been cleaned since the 80s.

There is a Fred's shopping cart filled with old records, cds, trophies, and cassettes. I will never know how it got in there.

As you can see, I've inherited a mess, and I've got my work cut out for me. My goal is to finish it all by spring break. I'll be posting updates throughout the organizing process.

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uthmanswife said...

You had good training on that kind of stuff. Well sort of. LOL