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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Burn, Baby Burn

This has nothing to do with any home projects, whatsoever. This just a glimpse of what happens in our life. We have almost caught our house on fire twice this week. Yes. Twice. Here's what happened.

I found this awesome recipe for Moroccan Chicken Kebabs. It was exactly what we wanted to eat, and we were super excited. DJ remembered that we had gotten these awesome kebab kits as a wedding gift, so we decided to try those out. We checked the information, and everything was "high heat resistant". So we threw those babies on the grill, and came inside to continue the closet organization process. Within 5 minutes, my beloved husband says (in his thick, southern drawl): "Dang, the smoke smell is REALLY comin' in the house." We decide to check on the chicken, and a thick cloud of black smoke is coming out of our grill. He opens the grill, and the "high heat resistant" handles had melted. Into our grill. Talk about false advertising. We threw a wet towel over the fire several times, turned on all of the fans, opened front doors to get the smell out. Crisis #1 averted.

Last night, one of my sweet college roommates Whitney came over because DJ was going to be gone all day & night. We decided to make homemade spaghetti (yes, I even make the pasta from scratch) and "Knock You Naked Brownies". The recipe looked like it was really easy and delicious. So we followed ALL of the instructions (except I didn't have a 9x9 baking dish... we used 8x8 instead). We walked into the living room, ate chips and homemade salsa, and talked about girly things (we will never grow out of talking about "girly things"). Suddenly, we smell smoke. We run into the kitchen, and SOMEHOW, the brownie batter overflowed (especially the caramel), and the caramel was BURNING at the bottom of our oven!!! I immediately turned off the oven, turned on all fans, and opened all of the windows in our house (yes, smoke filled the entire house). We then opened the oven, and a cloud of smoke fills the kitchen. We pull the "brownies" out of the oven, let the oven cool off, and scrape all of that nasty burned caramel off of the bottom of the oven.

The lessons I learned are:
1. Stay VERY close to the kitchen so you can monitor these things.
2. Sometimes, things don't go as planned- and it's okay.
3. I seriously need to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors. They didn't go off once.

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