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Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Designer Wellies

Have you ever had that ONE project that you were dying to finish, but you were missing one vital part? Well, that happened to me. About a month ago, on a Saturday when my husband was working (I still hate tax season), I had the brilliant idea to make my own version of these.

Why don't I just buy these, right? Welllll, first of all, they cost over $100 dollars, and they would take forever to arrive because they are made in England (but seriously, the price tag was enough for me to not buy them). I looked EVERYWHERE in Monticello for plain, black rain boots. And nobody had them. I'm not joking. So I had to drive all the way to Little rock to get them.

I took my grommet kit, and put two grommets in each boot....

And put ribbon through the grommets! THAT'S IT!

Why do I loooove these boots? I can change the ribbons whenever I want. Oh, and all of the items cost me $20.

Now I just need some rain so I can show these babies off.. and LEAP in a big puddle (Project 52.9 reference).


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cal+claire said...

So are your resolutions going well then?

Carisa said...

love that idea!!