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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Storage

So the hubby and I were really excited when we had quite a bit of money that we got to spend at the Container Store (aka heaven), and I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on: pretty storage.

I wish I had a "before" picture of where my art supplies were. They were in one of those plastic drawers that you get from Wal-Mart. Although it held all of my items, there was nothing pretty about the display. So I got this lovely little bin!

Next, I purchased a magazine holder (along with this AWESOME lamp from Home Goods). Our magazines were all over the house. So I decided to cut out articles, recipes, etc. from old magazines and file them based on their category (they're in a binder). Now, my most current magazines are in the holder, and our guests can enjoy them whenever they stay with us!

I also purchased a little stationery holder. I had quite a bit of wedding stationery left over, so I have those on display right now. The rest of my stationery is put away in a box, and easily accessible.

I am very proud of our pretty storage! And just to get you excited about an upcoming post: Our big guestroom makeover reveal is coming up soon! Here's a little preview of our "after":


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