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Friday, April 13, 2012

Yay for Friday!

Well this has most certainly been an interesting week- but it has been really good! Let me tell you why! :)

1. Easter! The proof that love will always win. How can that not give you hope (or make you happy)? Here's an Easter picture.

2. My precious nephew got a bunny for Easter. And he named him "Cow Bunny" (this is no lie.. He thinks his rabbit looks like a cow. Do you agree?).

3. I'm wearing a happy nail color, and it's called "Koala Berry" by OPI. Pretty pretty!

4. This is my husband's last full week of tax season. I get my hot husband back!!! Woohooo!!!

5. I've started my fundraiser through mixed bag designs. So let me give you some details about everything (and here are just a few of the items that I will be selling this month!).

My husband and I are going to Brazil for a mission trip. We will be there June 29th thru July 10th. We are going with my parents' church (Tallowood Baptist Church), and it's an incredible opportunity. We will be reaching out to groups in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. In the evenings, we will be giving concerts (where we share the gospel with the people there). We are so thrilled about this opportunity, but we need support. Here is how you can help us out!

- As always, prayer is the biggest thing. There is nothing more powerful. Pray as we prepare to go, and pray for the people of Brazil.

- We need financial support. Tallowood has been so generous to assist us with the costs, but we each need to raise another $1,000. In order to raise that money, I am doing a fundraiser through Mixed Bag Designs. Any items that you purchase from them, we will receive 50% to go towards our mission trip. In addition to selling through that company, with any artwork that I sell (or crafty things... which will be posted soon! I promise!), all of the money will go towards the trip. So either way, you will have a great benefit in supporting us (both prayerfully and financially). :)

Here are a few pictures of my paintings:

If you have any questions about the trip (or anything else!), PLEASE e-mail me (leslynjacks AT gmail DOT com), or comment! I LOVE hearing from you, and reading your e-mails/comments totally makes my day! :)

Happy Friday, friends!


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Amy Powell said...

oh my goodness, I love those tree paintings! and your nephew is darling with that rabbit :)

hope you had a great weekend!

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