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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today is the last time that I will see any of my students at school. My 8th-12th graders are gone. Technically, I don't have 7th graders anymore either (but for whatever reason, they like to come hang out in my room). It's hard to believe that an entire year has come and gone. I remember the first time I walked into my classroom, and how excited I was about the year ahead of me. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.

Let's just say that this was definitely a rebuilding year for the DC choir. I'm pretty sure that I shared with you before that they had 6 different teachers in the past 2 years. The kids were used to instability, and this was the first year since 2008-2009 that they had only one choir teacher. I went in extremely optimistic, and I was convinced that this year wouldn't be THAT difficult.

I was wrong.

Never before have I had to rely so heavily on the Lord. I begged him to get me through the day. When all I wanted to do was to use choice words on the students who called me terrible names (on one occasion, I was called the "c" word), I closed my eyes, prayed for the Lord to give me the ability to forgive, and moved on. On the countless occasions where I was mistreated, I could hear the Lord whispering in my ear: "I love you. There is a purpose. Forgive them. My plan is greater than anybody else's." I've had to hold on to that hope (and to my Savior) this year. And he delivered me! 

Another way that the Lord brought me through this year was through my high school students. Man, they were the most incredible kids. I learned so much from them, built wonderful relationships with them, and I am going to miss those kiddos more than they will ever know. There were also some colleagues who were SO helpful this year. Any time I had a question about handling a situation with students, parents (or other people...), they were 100% supportive, and were eager to assist in any way that they could. I am really going to miss a lot of them.

I know that I normally, I would look back on this chapter of my life and say "That was the worst year of my life." But this time, I'm choosing to hold on to the few good things about this year. Instead of thinking about when I was wronged, I will think about the precious students and co-workers who added so much joy to my life. It's just not good to dwell on the bad. And quite frankly, the "bad" doesn't deserve to be a part of my life any longer. 

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Brook said...

Congratulations on making it and finding positive meaning in the tough moments. I teach urban 8th graders and agree that there are times you know it is out of your hands and you have to let Him take over.