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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blog Design

If you look at my archives, you would see that I've had this blog since 2008. However, I didn't blog on a consistent basis until just this year. And let me just say that it has been awesome to meet a lot of you online- it's amazing how wonderful the blogging community is.

While looking at other successful blogs, I noticed that they all had cool blog designs. I realized that my blog was lacking in that area. Initially, I just looked for free templates that I could copy and paste (let's keep it real- I'm still technologically challenged). I didn't find anything that I LOVED, so I picked a random template and went with it.

Well, thanks to the blogging world, I met Kelly at Kelly's Avenue. We started following each other on twitter, and started talking. Well then, she told me that she was going to give all of her customers an AWESOME discount for a certain week. Was I nervous about working with someone instead of just copying and pasting something? Honestly, yes. But let me tell you, it was the best decision I've made with this blog!

She started working on my page immediately, and responded to any questions that I had within a VERY short period of time. I was nit-picky about certain things (just call me Princess Barbie Leslyn), and she instantly edited it to what I wanted.

I HIGHLY recommend her. She isn't overpriced like most web designers out there (I'm sorry, I don't have "only" $1500 to spend on blog designers), and she is willing to work HARD until you get the perfect blog design that you love.

Oh, and get this..... The first 2 people to comment on this post get $10 off a design package (You must be following my blog via GFC!).

Make sure you check out her design page here.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Brook said...

I've been thinking I need a refresh. Love your new design! Gorgeous!