Leslyn's Lovely Life: June 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brasil Update #1

Hello my blog friends!

I'm not sure how often I will have access to the internet, but I will be updating you as much as possible!

Yesterday, we arrived at the Houston airport, only to discover that our flight had been delayed for 2 hours. So we were at the airport for a total of 6 hours last night, but we had a lot of fun! We boarded our plane, took some Melatonin (and it was amazing), and slept for over 6 hours on the flight (which made the nearly 10 hour flight not seem so bad). We arrived in Sao Paolo, were able to get through customs and baggage claim in no time, and then we rode through the city in our buses. I still can't believe how huge this city is... There are over 18 million people here! Anyways, we checked into our AWESOME hotel (I'll post pictures soon), ate lunch, and took a 4 hour nap (which almost made us miss our bus... oops). We went to the church where we will be singing tomorrow, ate dinner, and came back to our hotel. I had every intention of taking a shower this afternoon, but we WAY overslept, so I had to wait until tonight. And let me just say that it's amazing what a difference a shower makes, especially after traveling for so long. :)

Tomorrow, we will be singing at the church in the morning for the services, and then we will be giving a full concert tomorrow evening. Please pray that people will be drawn to this concert, and that God would be glorified in all that we do.

By the way, we still have 7 followers left before the giveaway becomes official, so PLEASE don't forget to check it out! :)

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Friday, June 29, 2012


Okay. So here's the deal. As you know, I'm leaving for Brasil (with an "s") today, and I'm super excited! Another thing that I am CRAZY excited about is how much my blog has grown over the past 2 weeks. It took about 3 years for my blog to get to 20-ish followers. Well, in the past 2 weeks, I have gained 30 followers! THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how much you mean to me!

So this is what I've decided to do. I will be gone until July 10th. I am soooooo close to having 100 followers. If I come back from Brasil, and I have 100 (or more) followers, I will have a giveaway. And I will bring back something INCREDIBLE from Brasil. They have THE coolest jewelry, and everything there is bright and colorful. Also, I will be sending a little extra surprise in there. You don't want to miss out.

The beauty of it is, you will automatically be entered if you are following my blog! If you want additional entries, this is what you can do:

1. Leave a comment telling me where your dream vacation would be...
2. Blog about my exotic giveaway (and make sure to paste the link of your post in the comment section).

Easy enough, right? I mean, I only need 8 more followers for this to happen... Let's do this! 

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Hello, Friday!

Whoa. This week FLEW by! Let's recap.

1. This color is sick (as in sick AWESOME). It's Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Snappy Sorbet. I only used one coat. And I only had to dip the brush in twice for each hand (once for each foot). The brush is really thick, which kinda takes getting used to. But seriously. LOOK AT THE COLOR. Freaking out. Side note: I had to leave my rings at a secret place, because if I were to take them to Brasil with me, I would more than likely get mugged. Which is totally unnecessary.

2. Although cleaning isn't enjoyable, I deep cleaned our apartment for the first time since we moved in. And it smells AWESOME now. That totally made everything worth it.

3. I didn't really have to grocery shop this week (yay for being smart about what you buy and saving money!). If you know me, I. Hate. Wal-Mart. It just wears me out. I love shopping at Kroger, but it's more expensive. Boo.

4. I was able to pack all of our Brasil stuff in one bag. I packed 11 days worth of clothes for 2 people. I'm a pro. Not really. But I felt pretty awesome. Only thing: I hope it's not too heavy... Our scale is broken, so I have no idea if it exceeds the weight limit. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

5. WE GO TO BRASIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEK! :) First of all, to the incredible people supported us: THANK YOU! We didn't have to pay a PENNY to go on this trip. God is so good. Secondly, please keep us in your prayers for the next 11 days! Pray for safe travels, health, and that God's love would shine through us. 

Happy Friday, sweet friends! Be sure to check back frequently for updates on the trip!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's OK.

Before I get to this awesome link up, I just wanted to throw something out there.... I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to invest in sponsoring significantly larger blogs (simply because I want more time to grow my blog). However, I would love to do a button swap! If you're interested in doing this with me, please comment below OR email me (leslynjacks@gmail.com).

NOW that we have that out of the way, let's get to the link up! This is my first time to join these ladies, and I couldn't be more excited.

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK...

- to be so exhausted that you could literally cry at the drop of a hat
- to wait until the day before you leave the country to start packing
- to cry every time you watch olympic medal winning performances/races on youtube. And I mean EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
- to never want to write a paper ever again, even though that's what the next few years of your life will consist of
- to watch every Nora Ephron movie that you own to mourn her passing
- to say "check" when you accomplish something on your to-do list (hello Monica Geller)
- to eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream for lunch. Because you can.
- to instagram excessively on certain days, and then go several days without it.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I need a day off

On Wednesdays, I usually do a fun link up. However, this girl is worn. out.

I have been working on grad school projects all day and night since last Friday. And quite frankly, I'm exhausted. I usually am in bed by 10 o'clock every night. For the past few days, my average bed time has been 2:00 AM. Yes. 2:00 AM. And I have constantly been writing, reading, and researching. Oh, and let's start how I need to have all of my stuff packed for a 2 week trip (and I leave on Friday), and I haven't even started packing. And how today was the first time I showered, shaved my legs, and washed my hair since I don't know when. TMI? Oops....

Therefore, I'm making today my weekend. I am taking a day to watch every Nora Ephron movie (starting with Sleepless in Seattle) known to man. Of course, I have a class in 10 minutes that I have to skype in to. But still. Besides that, I'm taking a day to breathe.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, maybe you should do the same.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30x30 2

Hello, my sweet readers!

I'm linking up with Lauren and Kate again! The challenge is 30 with 30- You create 30 different outfits with 30 items out of your closet. Are YOU up for the challenge?

Oh, and for whatever silly reason, blogger won't let me edit the awkward spacing at the bottom of this post. Lame. I know.

Here are my 3 outfits this week:

Denim Shirt: J Crew Outlet;  Lace shirt: Banana Republic; Shorts: The Limited

Shoes: My 100000 year old Converse Hi-Tops; Necklace: I can't remember where it's from... It was a gift.

Jacket: Coldwater Creek; Tank: Hanes; Skirt: Express

Shoes: Sperry; Necklace: The Limited

Shirt: The Limited; Shorts: Windsor

Shoes: Chinese Laundry; Earrings: Express

Be sure to link up with those lovely ladies! Hope you have a great Tuesday! :)

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's get social!

It's time for Sunday Social again! 

What is your all-time favorite song?
"Fix You" by Coldplay. It never gets old. And it still gets me every time. 

What is your favorite singer/band?
Diana Krall. Do you want to listen to incredible Jazz? Listen to her. My favorite album of all time is her "Live in Paris" album. 

What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
"Like Incense" by Hillsong. 
"Please still my anxious urge toward rebellion, let love keep my will upon its' knees. 
God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you" etc.

What songs put you in a good mood?
Anything nostalgic. Like Plus One... or Backstreet Boys.

Aren't they so charming?!

What is your favorite roadtrip music?

"Everlasting Light" by the Black Keys

"Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap

"The World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies

"This is the Thing" by Fink.

"Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last

Seriously. Download these. And then thank me later. 

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. But I like the Glee version a lot. Don't hate.

Sunday Social
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Friday, June 22, 2012


Yay for Friday! I'm linking up with Tara and Lauren today!

1. I'm not really a fan of feet. However, I had some awesome toenails this week, thanks to "Red My Fortune Cookie" by OPI.

2. I am past the half way point with my Summer 1 classes! WOOHOO!!!!  The only thing is that I have to do 2 weeks worth of coursework in 1 week. But hey, I can do it!!

3. I got to work ahead on the blog... I have a lot of fun posts coming up soon! :)

4. My grandpa's brain surgery went well, and my sister-in-law's baby will be okay (I'll post about it next week to tell you all about what happened this week.... it was crazy).

5. I LEAVE FOR BRASIL IN 1 WEEK (Yes, this is the proper way to spell "Brasil"). I'm going to be at the feet of the Jesus statue, looking over Rio (which is where my daddy was born and raised). Pretty cool, huh? :)

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it.... Since I will be in Brasil for 10 days, is there a way for me to automatically submit my link up? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, sweet friends! Have a great weekend!


The Nail Files

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


So it's not very often that I see something, gasp, and think to myself "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS". Okay, maybe it happens more often than I would like to think. Anyways, I have officially had a moment.

Look at those boots. Holy smokes they're perfect. This is how I found them.

The Bachelorette Season 8 Episode 6

Yup. Emily from The Bachelorette wore them. I saw them on the show, freaked out, and went on a crazy search to find out who makes them.... and I found out that they are made by Frye, and they're called the Carson Lug boot. The only problem is that they cost $398!!! Y'all, I'm on the verge of going on another major closet purge so I can get these (unless I find something similar). 

What item(s) are you drooling over?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I heart Pinterest

It's time to link up with Michelle again! Here are my really cool Pinterest finds this week:

Baby Style


This is how my son will dress. All. The. Time

I desperately need some colored jeans!


I desperately need a pair of colored jeans! Any recommendations as to where to buy them?

Casual and pretty


Isn't this look awesome? I wish my hair wasn't so thick so it could do this.

floor to ceiling


Don't hate. This room is AWESOME.

Reese Witherspoon


If I ever cut my hair, this is how it will look.

DIY Home Theater made out of pallets...YAY


How creative is this movie room? It's made out of pallets!

open back wedding dress


My wedding already happened... But if I ever have a crazy awesome event to go to (and if I get those back muscles that I've been working hard for), I will wear something backless. Just like this one.

 glass bedroom


How beautiful is this place? I want to go.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A new challenge

After much hesitation (and doubting myself), I decided to try a new challenge. It's hosted by two wonderful sisters (Kate and Lauren), and it's called 30x30


Basically, you choose 30 items out of your closet (this includes jewelry and shoes), and you attempt to make 30 outfits out of them! It's a great way to look very closely at what you already have, and try to make your closet as versatile as possible. Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY excited about this project.

Sorry about the tacky iPhone pictures, by the way. That's all I could do for now. ;)

I just bought the dress from Loft (hello, teacher discount) last week. 

The accessories: Belt: Target; Shoes: Old Navy; Earrings: Express

Another way to wear the same dress....

Accessories: Jacket: Coldwater Creek; Shoes: Chinese Laundry; Belt: came with a shirt from The Limited; Necklace: The Limited

And here's a completely different look with some new items.
Shirt: Victoria's Secret; Tank: Old Navy; Shorts: The Limited

Shoes: Sperry; Earrings: inPink

I would love it if you'd join the fun! :) 

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

The beginning of the home tour

Happy Monday, everybody!

As my faithful readers know, the hubs and I just moved a few weeks ago. We downsized quite a bit and moved into an apartment. We were a bit concerned that all of our stuff wasn't going to fit. But somehow, it did.

This so not my nature, but I saved my closet for last. For those of you who have seen my closet, it is MY space that must be organized. However, it became the junk closet until last Thursday. Here's the proof.

It's shameful, really. And so unlike me. I don't know how I functioned for 2 weeks.

My first step was to throw all of the non hanging items onto the bed. That way, I could just look at the clothes.

Then, I looked at what was in my closet. I had some items that I have been keeping since high school, I had items that didn't fit me, that weren't seasonal, etc. So I bit the bullet, and took over half of the items out of my closet. Y'all, it wasn't easy. Thankfully, we have SO MANY CLOSETS in our new apartment. Those clothes are hanging in there for now. If I don't reach for those clothes this summer, I'm getting rid of them. I promise.

Then, I sorted through ALL of the other stuff. Art supplies, scarves, shoes, purses, belts, etc. I had to purchase a few things to make my closet more "pretty". Here's the (almost) finished product! 

As you can see, dresses/maxi skirts are on the right, I have a bench for when I put my shoes on, sleeveless tops and my skirts are on top, short sleeved tops and scarves on the bottom.

My art supplies are in the container on the left, writing utensils in the middle container, and belts are in the basket. It's perfect. 

I put the shoes that I most often wear in this organizer. It keeps my shoes off the floor! 

The hubs gave me this jewelry tree a few years ago. I wanted to put it in my closet, so I bought this pretty tray from target (oh, and the AWESOME journal is from there too). Here's the journal cover:

Inspiring, isn't it? :)

I found these little thingies (don't know what they're called) in my desk drawer at work. My husband explained to me that teachers would put chalk in each little hook, and it would help them draw a music staff! Well obviously, I thought they would be better as jewelry hangers. 

Okay so first of all, I had to crop this picture a little bit because I accidentally had my camera on the automatic setting. I kid you not, as I was adjusting my camera, the nifty hat hanger (that is its' purpose) came crashing down. So I am going to have to come up with a better hanging method. Anyhow, here's the story behind it: one of my best friend's grandparents recently sold their home, which had a big barn in the back. My friend's family took a TON of wood home that they could use for projects, and they let me have a piece! I wanted to make it a little more trendy, so attempted to paint chevron stripes on there. It wasn't perfect by any means, but it worked. Also, I collected some cool knobs over time, and I finally got to use them! 

The only things that I still have to do are:
1. Find a way to hang up the hat hanger (any suggestions would be appreciated)
2. Find a good way to store my purses on the top shelf of my closet (again, suggestions, please!)

IHeart Organizing
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