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Friday, May 31, 2013

80% of our Home

You're not going to believe this.

I'm actually about to post pictures of our home. It's taken me FOREVER to work up the guts to do this. 

As I said yesterday, this is most definitely a work in progress. There are a ton of things that I want to add (art/photos, rugs, end tables, lamps, etc.), but I know that there are many of you who have begged me to post pictures of our house. So here's what we've got! 

For the most part, I feel like our living room is complete. I think a larger rug would make a huge difference, and we are still investigating a cheap way to deal with that massive (but glorious) window. Any suggestions would be welcome! :)

This antique desk belonged to DJ's grandpa, Daddy Lou. We've had it since we first got married, and we love it. I'm too scared to paint it, so it's going to stay the way it is. :) Also, DJ's mom made that beautiful piece of art for us, and gave it to us at a wedding shower. She's awesome. 

This is one of my favorite views in the house. First of all, my rockstar husband built that coffee table. It's everything that I could have ever asked for. Secondly, I've always loved candles in a fireplace, so I'm very excited that I get to enjoy that every day! Then the box (that DJ's dad built) of hydrangeas on the mantel. It's just perfect. :) 

This is the new couch we bought! It wasn't too expensive (considering the quality of couch we were getting), and it was one of the prettiest ones that we looked at! I'm so pleased with it! And it doesn't sink like the other couches did (a huge bonus). :)

This is one of my "work in progress" stations. DJ's dad built this beautiful kitchen island for us, and now it's in our living room. The apple crate ($4 at an antique store) holds all of our Scentsy... uh... scents? Anyways, we are looking for the perfect baskets to make this space more functional. 

Here's the view from the dining area! Someday (meaning several years down the road), we would like to install two bookshelves on either side of the window and add crown molding for a built-in effect. Then we would want to build a long bench underneath the window to store toys for the little ones.

Here's another project area- I think we're going to add a rug to our entryway.

Here's guest room number 1! We are currently looking for some cute night stands for this bed, so this one has to do for now! DJ built the headboard, and I think it goes perfectly with the other piece of furniture in this room. We're looking for some art to hang on the wall to add interest.

This was a hand-me-down from my mom, and I absolutely love it! We got it from IKEA years ago, and it's one of my favorite pieces in our house. We took one of those $10 Wal-Mart mirrors (the really flimsy ones from college), added ribbon, and turned it sideways for a different look. Eventually, I'd like to add something a little bit larger to hang above the console, but I think this looks adorable for now! 

Here's our little gallery wall! 

So here's the deal with this table and this set of chairs. They work for now, but by the end of the year, we're building a new table. This one will be repainted and moved into my office. I wish it could happen now, but I'll be patient. I know my dream office is worth the wait. Speaking of dream office (and the other guest bedroom), I didn't take pictures of them because the lighting was terrible in there. But fret not- pics will come soon. Also, look at that jute rug under our table. I'm. In. Love.

Here's our little kitchen! And although it's small, we have a TON of storage space, and we love it.

Our little coffee station that we love.

I spy a Luna.

I painted this platter a few months ago, and I always get so many compliments on it! I love painting pottery- I just wish it weren't so dang expensive.

Here's our master bedroom! Those are actually three windows, but the way I hung my curtains kinda make it look like it's one big window. I really like that effect. As you can see ,we desperately need stuff on our walls and a rug, but that's okay. We'll deal with it for now.

The bathroom needs a little TLC right now, so I'll post on it later.

So there you have it! What do you think? Do you have any fun suggestions regarding decor, paint, or furniture arrangement? I'd love to know!

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Brittney said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the big window in the living room and the "someday" plans for a built in sound amazing!

fourseasonsathomeblog.com said...

I am completely in love with your kitchen island (the work in progress)! You have a beautiful house. Have a nice weekend! :)

Elyse said...

I don't know what you were worried about! It looks gorgeous!

Suze said...

Wow I think your house is beautiful! Lots of light.

AM said...

Wow after reading your house post the other day I expected to see an empty house, but those photos are beautiful. What you have done looks great!

Jasmine said...

Your house is beautiful!

Hailey Stoner said...

I LOVE your living room! I currently have 4 shades of white/ivory/light beige in squares all over the living room! It is a sucken den and we get no direct sunlight so the light blue we thought would be great, isn't what I need in there. Plus it was done 7 yrs ago so it's time anyway! And your kitchen, so cute! Ours is large tons of walking room but no storage. I think I would much rather have more storage instead of wasted floor space. But our "dance parties" in there sure are fun!

Hailey | Love, Laughter and Lipstick

Deborah West said...

Girl it is so fabulous! Def magazine worthy!!

Robin Hardeman said...

I think it is absolutely beautiful, amazing trim work around the big window. And I'm in love with your kitchen. Nice job and congrats!

tara said...

gorgeous!!! i am in love with your kitchen!

Stephanie @ Shades of Color Art said...

Your house is very beautiful! You have good decor taste ;)

holli said...

I love everything about your home. Great job on the decorations. You're so lucky to have a crafty man who builds headboards and tables. Your dog is precious!