Leslyn's Lovely Life: July 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Coolest Guy I Know...

It's this good looking guy's birthday today. He has to put up with me every single day, which makes me love him even more. ;) I'm so honored that he chose to do life with me. He's the best. 

Deej- I love you so much. Happy birthday, boo. 


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Friday, July 5, 2013

The story of us... Part 7

A few days after my senior recital, DJ =called me around 5:00, and said "Hey, I'm really not feeling well, and I would just about kill for a bowl of Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings. All my friends already left for dinner, and I was hoping you could come with me?"

He's sick, Leslyn. Don't be a jerk, just go with him.

"Okay. See you in a few minutes."

So we went to Cracker Barrel. He really was sick. We ate dumplings, talked about our weekends, and talked about our plans for fall break (we left the next day). And then we get to the cash register. He insists upon paying for dinner. "Oh, really... Please don't do that. I've got it." "No, I want to. I just appreciate you coming with me."

Well, he did kinda make your life miserable when the break up happened. At least you should let him pay for your dinner. And no, this is not a date.

"Okay... thanks." So then, as we're leaving, he says "I have this huge paper that's due tomorrow, and I know that you're a great writer... Will you help me out with it?"

He's sick, Leslyn. Don't be a jerk. Just help him out.


So I helped him with his paper. For two hours. Let me remind you that we are still very much broken up. Once we finish his paper, he says "I could really use a Frosty from Wendy's right now. You wanna come?

Umm... what the crap is going on.... NO. I don't want to go with you. But I really like Frosties...


After we get our Frosties (is it Frosty's or Frosties? I don't even know... this is seriously bothering me as I type this), he drops me off at my dorm.

"Well, see you later."
"Thanks for hanging out with me tonight and helping me with my paper. You're awesome."
I know. You're lucky I am even talking to you after breaking my heart the way you did, jerk dude. 
"Thanks. See you soon!"

What the heck just happened?! I need to talk to somebody about this.

So I went to my friend's dorm room, and we had a 30 minute talk about it. She didn't know how to explain this strange behavior. Then DJ called again.

"I need to talk to you. Right now."
This. Is. Getting. Ree. Diculous.
"Uh.... Okay? I'll meet you outside my dorm"

So we walked. For about 15 minutes. And he didn't say a word.

Wow, I'm so glad that I am taking the precious time that I could be using to study to just walk and say nothing. This is pret-ty darn awesome.

Finally, we sit down on a bench in the music building. Still no words.

"Sooooo..... what did you need to talk to me about?"

"Leslyn, I'm in love with you. I was stupid for ever letting you go. I knew all along that I loved you, and that you were the one for me. I was too stubborn to allow myself to feel that way about anyone. But I want to be with you. I love you."

That's the face I made. No words. Nothing.

"Uh.... Leslyn.... Will you say something."

I love you too and I've known almost since the beginning that I was going to marry you and I am so happy right now that I could throw up!!!!

"I don't know if I believe you, DJ."

Nice... way to play it cool, Leslyn. 

"Let me prove it to you. I'll do whatever it takes."

So we talked about all of the gory details (ya know, the ones I decided not to share), and he walked me back to my dorm. I hugged him.

"So... can I get a kiss?"

This is what I was thinking....

"Nope. Not until I know for sure that this is real."
"But you know that I've never told a girl that I loved her."
"I know that. But I need you to show me that I can trust you. This whole thing will be completely on my terms. Until I'm ready, I will not kiss you. Hugs will have to suffice."

So we hugged. For over a month (I'm so cruel).

But that second first kiss- it was like fireworks. It was the best kiss I've ever had.

Check back soon for part 8.

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