Leslyn's Lovely Life: 2013: How things went.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: How things went.

So I was going to write something really sentimental about this year and how it's flown by... But then I decided I wasn't going to waste time and just get to the good stuff. :) I decided to put things in categories to describe how successful I was in achieving my goals.


- I didn't reach 1,000 blog followers via GFC. But you know what? I've gained about 200 new friends, and I wouldn't give any of you up for the world. :)

- Run a half marathon- I trained, and waited too long to sign up for one. Then we moved... And then as I was about to sign up for a half marathon, we found out that there was a little Baby J. So I'm thinking that I will start running after Baby J arrives. That should help me lose the pregnancy weight.

- Go on one unplanned trip with the hubs- We went on a planned trip though... So that's better than not having any kind of adventure!

- Reach my goal weight... Yeah, that didn't happen. And I will have to postpone that one for a little while longer. But I've realized that I can make healthier food choices that will set me up for success later on. It's very convenient that I'm craving fruits and veggies during this pregnancy.


 -Read the Bible more... Yeah, I might have read it more than I did the year before. But you know what? In this "category", there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Always.

- Shop less- the first half of the year, I was KILLING it. Then I got a job at J.Crew. A lot of the things I purchased were on super-sale for me, so that worked out. So the amount of money I spent on myself was significantly less. But I wish I would have resisted the urge to buy a few of the things. Lesson learned: Don't work in retail if you want to stop buying new clothes.

- Spend less time on my phone- Yeah, I spent less time on my phone. But I want to cut back even more... Instead of grabbing my phone as a default when I'm bored, I need to do different things that get my brain going.

-Read 20 books- I read 18.5 books. And of course, I waited until the very end to start the classic books. I had every intention of reading them in the past few days, but decided that family time was more important.


- We tried a TON of new recipes this year, and it was a blast! I love finding new recipes. So much so that I hardly ever repeat recipes. So maybe I should try to come up with several "go-to" recipes that we can always have.

- We bought a house. And we love it so much. And my bff's boyfriend lives two doors down from us, and we're going to have so much fun with our new neighbors. :) We. Can't. Wait.

- Get an amazing job- to call my job "amazing" would be an understatement. I have never been in such a wonderful working environment in my life. I am so blessed to have such an incredible group of colleagues, and I seriously work with the best students in the world. I never want to leave this place.

- Wash my face before I go to bed- sure, there were a few super late nights where I felt that sleeping was more important than washing my face, but I would say that I washed my face 95% of the time. This is a major upgrade from NEVER washing my face.

- I finished my master's degree with a 4.0. It was tough, but reading that final transcript was SO rewarding.

Well, overall, I would say that I did a pretty good job. 9/13... That's pretty good. Tomorrow, you can read all about my 14 goals in 2014.

How did you do this year? Let me know! :)


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Brook said...

Congratulations on a successful year! I wish you continued joy and blessings in 2014!