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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back to the Story of Us

Remember how I was writing about the story of us last year? And how I left you hanging? Yeah sorry about that.

If you're new around here, you should look at the "love story" icon towards the top of le blog- you can get caught up. And yes, it's long. Oh well.

Anyways, we got back together. And those were some of the sweetest times- because we knew each other and all, but there was a deeper significance to our relationship. We went through a break up, and we ended up realizing that we couldn't live without each other.

Something different about us was that we never discussed a "timeline" for our relationship. Yes, we knew we were going to get married someday. But that's where we left it- "someday". Not once did I ever think that we would get married right out of college. But that's what happened.

In early January 2011, there was a huge snow storm that came through AR. I was stranded at my grandma's house, and I thought DJ was just visiting one of his best friends in Texas. What I didn't realize was that he drove down to Houston to talk to my dad, and stayed the night to see his friend... and then he was stranded at the friend's house. Thank goodness I didn't suspect anything. :)

On January 12th, I met up with DJ at our school and he went into a room to take a test for his online class. The proctor walked out and handed me an envelope from DJ. It said something about how it was my turn to take a test... So basically I was sent around campus on this scavenger hunt. And no, I still didn't suspect anything. There were more envelopes and goodies at every stop for the scavenger hunt. Each "stop" was at a place where something significant happened in our relationship (first time we spent time alone together, first kiss, first "I Love You", etc.). My last clue led me to the chapel on our campus. There were candles and roses everywhere. I was completely clueless and was walking through the pews, looking for the next envelope. And then he walked out.

Apparently, he had this big speech worked out in his head. But he got so nervous that he forgot it... So he just said "I love you. Will you marry me?" Smooth, right? But duh, I said yes.

It was the most wonderful surprise. Obviously. Whuddup, mascara?

The next post will be all about our wedding! :) And I promise I won't make you wait forever for the next post. Haha

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