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Monday, February 17, 2014

A lesson I'm learning

I know I usually post bump dates on Monday. But I didn't do a chalkboard over the weekend. We're all surprised, I know. Ha.

Anyways, I wanted to post about something that I'm learning throughout this journey of becoming a mom.

When we were going through our fertility issues, I envisioned pregnancy to be... uh... different than it is. I had NO idea the kind of stuff that it does to a woman's body (I mean, I knew I would grow and all, but there are some things that are happening that are not cool at all, and they are certainly not "blog material"). In the past few weeks, I've been having a pity party because of my lack of sleep, pain that's come out of nowhere, and because Emmett loves to position himself on nerves that make me feel paralyzed for a few seconds (isn't he a doll?). I've found myself wishing I could fast forward through this whole pregnancy thing (I hear it gets worse), just to experience the after birth part. I'm 100% convinced that actually being able to look at (and hold) Emmett will be much more fun than him squishing my insides (by the way, he still hasn't kicked. Not okay, E. Not okay).

Yesterday, my bad attitude changed.

I had THE MOST WONDERFUL day with my hubby. We went on a fun lunch date, bought groceries (which used to be my least favorite activity with him- now that we've figured out our little system, we always have fun), got a Sonic happy hour drink (Diet Sprite with Powerade and cranberry. You're welcome), walked the dogs, bought flowers, watched Up!, and laughed for almost an hour watching funny videos on the iPad. It was one of those days where I loved being around him, where I fell more and more in love with him, and where I begged him not to go to work this morning so we could have another day full of fun. As I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that these fun days with just the two of us are going to be nonexistent in a few months. Sure, it's going to be a blast having Emmett around all the time, but I'm going to miss what we have right now.

So instead of wishing these next few months away and being whiney about how uncomfortable I always am and how I'm huge (and just about to reach the halfway point of growing a human... yippee...), I'm going to start focusing on these precious last few months that I get to spend alone with my best friend. I'm going to be EXTRA intentional with my time with him. I want him to know that our marriage will always come first, even if we have to work hard to keep it that way once the little guy gets here.

That's all for today. Have a happy Monday, friends!


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Tiffany said...

First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby in a baby carriage! <3 Something I've reminded CT this whole pregnancy. It always going to be me and him for our lifetime - we only get the kiddos for the first few years of their lives.

Kristin said...

What an awesome realization! Hang in there - you can do it (and enjoy it while it lasts, like you said!)