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Friday, February 7, 2014

Sticks and Stones

Nearly every day, I see posts or hear about a woman bashing another woman. Whether it's through social media, being passive aggressive, gossiping, or trying to sabotage someone else's life- it's an issue that's getting out of control.

Then, the other day, I stumbled upon a young girl's Instagram account. I could only look at two pictures, because of the hate-filled comment sections that included fighting, filthy language, and plenty of things that were absolutely shocking. These are junior high and high school students calling each other some of the most degrading things I have ever heard/read in my life.

We sure are starting them young, aren't we? Teaching girls to turn against each other? Teaching them that it's okay to call each other some of the nastiest words that exist? Shame on us for not teaching girls that gossip and name calling are EXTREMELY hurtful. Shame on us for setting terrible examples by being catty, holding on to grudges, and involving them in things that they shouldn't even know about. What happened to ladies being classy? What happened to women supporting each other in a world where we often have to fight our way to the top? Why are we always trying to compete with each other, instead supporting and encouraging each other in our endeavors?

Ladies-- I want to challenge you to teach younger girls that words hurt more than anything. I've been called plenty of names, and those words stick, no matter how much I try to push them out of my mind. We need to teach girls how to handle situations like ladies- not like the next guest on Jerry Springer. If you have an issue with someone, calmly (and privately) talk it out. Teaching girls to be hateful will set them up for failure.

Girls-- stop shaming each other on social media. No matter how angry you are, handle situations with class. Learn this lesson early on in life. There are PLENTY of grown women who still don't get it, and they're making themselves look absolutely foolish. When people turn against you- be kind to them. It's not fun to pick on people who are nice to you all the time, right?

Let's stop the nonsense. Let's grow up.
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Susan W said...

Well said, I couldn't agree more.

Ashley said...

I agree it's really sad how kidss these days have to grow up surrounded by all of this social media. I'm glad when I was in High School none of this was going on it would have made life much harder for a lot more people.