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Monday, March 10, 2014

Nursery Inspiration

Hello everyone!

We've been getting a lot of questions about what we're doing for Emmett's room! Well, it all started with this.

DJ went to Marshall's a few weeks before we found out what we were having, and he saw this airplane and bought it. He loved it so much that he said, "even if we have a girl, we need to keep it so we can use it if we have a boy someday."

And that's how we he decided what our nursery theme would be. I had no say in it. But it's okay- my husband has pretty good taste.

After doing some extensive research, we really like Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue for his walls. Of course, the picture below has tons of natural light (if you look at the full blog post where I found this picture, you can see that there are several windows in the room). Emmett's room only has one window, and it's pretty standard-sized (whatever that means). So we'll see how it works in the nursery. We really love the gray undertones that this color has. The biggest pain for us will be painting the ceiling. Our builder painted all of our ceilings the same color as our walls. So that should be a fun adventure.

And here's the theme/decor we really like for his room.

We probably won't do the uber-modern furniture, just because that's not really our style. But the vintage airplane stuff? We like it a lot. My parents went out and bought the propeller for his wall, so now we just need to find some fun prints/artwork! We're so excited.

We haven't settled on nursery furniture yet (Oops...), but we're trying to narrow things down! 

Anyhow, that's where we are right now! I'll post updates whenever we get started on his nursery! :)

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Cindy @ Cinsarah said...

Love that wall color! That little airplane is cute, I found a wood one at a goodwill a while back and fell in love with it.

Just found your blog and LOVE it! Your gender reveal party was too cute! :)

Rachel Easley said...

Love it all!!