Leslyn's Lovely Life: 26 Weeks

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

26 Weeks

No chalkboard picture.... But he's growing! :)

How far along? 26 weeks and 4 days
Maternity clothes? All the time!
Sleep: Has been interesting- I wake up all night long, but when I sleep, I sleep hard. Until the boy kicks the bladder. 
Best moment this week? Feeling the little guy move around more and more- it's crazy! I think that's going to be the only thing I miss once he's born. 
Miss Anything? Carbs. But other than that, I'm good. 
Movement: Yes! A lot of it! 
Food cravings: Carbs. And I can't have them. 
Aversions: Nothing really- we've come up with a system where DJ always picks up the meat at the grocery store so I don't have to. So we're good. :)
Showing? Uhhhh yeah. 
Labor Signs? Nope! Thank goodness!
Belly Button- in or out? Still an innie!
Rings- on or off? On- thanks to my low carb diet.
Happy or Moody? Happy! 
Looking forward to: Baby showers! We have several on the calendar now- it's going to be so wonderful seeing sweet friends and family! 
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Angie said...

I can honestly say that the movement is the ONLY thing I miss about being pregnant. Pregnancy just did not make me happy!