Leslyn's Lovely Life: Bragger

Monday, June 9, 2014


**I know I usually do bump dates on Mondays. But because of our crazy busy weekend, this week's edition will be bumped to tomorrow (pun TOTALLY intended). :)

When I was younger, my brother would always tattle on me and say "Mooooom!!! Leslyn's bragging!!!!" We were such brats. ;)

But today, I'm seriously going to brag. 

On this guy.

If you know me at all or follow me on social media, I'm not one to spill my guts about how much I love my husband, how he's my soul mate, we don't have a marriage hashtag, bla bla bla. I actually tend to unfollow people who do that kind of stuff. Because really, I can't deal with that every single day. 

But I just need to take a moment and write out (mostly so I'll always remember) how incredible he has been throughout this whole pregnancy.

He is the king of taking care of me. No joke. If I have a symptom, he googles it, reads multiple sources, and tries to fix whatever the problem is. He has painted my toenails for me- y'all, I can barely even put shoes on these days (and he did a very, very good job, might I add). He is so unbelievably patient with me. I am a lot slower these days, and I have a much harder time getting stuff done as quickly as I used to. He is compassionate. He still tells me that I look beautiful, even though the good Lord knows I don't feel like it. He makes me feel so loved. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what he does for me. 

Seeing how excited he is about Emmett's arrival melts my heart. There are days where he walks in after work and wants to sit in E's nursery for a while. He loves looking through all of the baby stuff. He loves talking about our son. And even though he feels uncomfortable doing it, he will talk to Emmett/my belly, and Emmett always goes CRAZY when he hears his daddy's voice (my crazy hormones are making me ugly cry as I type this).

At this very moment, I think my heart might burst with the love and admiration that I feel for my husband. He is truly my greatest gift, and I am so thankful that God brought us together. There is nobody in the world who I would rather do life with. 

I'll stop bragging now. Probably because DJ is so embarrassed by this post. ;)
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Ashleigh Wagner said...

Aw this is so great! Way to go DJ on being such a wonderful husband :)

Kristal {The Strong Family} said...

Love it!!

Jessica Faith said...

UGH I am crying just READING this.

The Jacks family is/will be just adorable. That is all.

The Contented Wife said...

This is so sweet. I'm glad you two are enjoying this pregnancy together. It's a such neat time for couples, and I learned so much about my husband's compassionate side too when I was pregnant. Your love for him will just continue to grow once that sweet little boy gets here. :)