Leslyn's Lovely Life: 5

Friday, August 15, 2014


It's been a few weeks since I joined in on the link up fun! I've missed making new friends, so I decided to hop back on the bandwagon!

1. You guys. Last week, my baby took a nap for the first time ever where I didn't have to hold him. I know. I'm blown away. He was in the mamaroo. I was able to do 2 loads of laundry, wash the dishes, write thank you notes, watch two episodes of Grey's anatomy, make our bed and organize my new wallet. Granted, I watched the episodes while I did the other things. But still. It was a big moment. If only he could start sleeping more at night (y'all- I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I've already cried twice today because I'm so tired).

2. The hubs and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last week(if you missed the adorable post, click here). He got me this KILLER Michael Kors wallet (I'm dying over here, people... I was shocked when he gave it to me). I haven't gotten a gift for him yet, because hello, I'm busy trying to get stuff done around the house while the baby is sleeping. But I have a master plan. He's going to like it. :)

3. I am going back to work in a month, and I kinda want to cry because I can't believe how quickly all of this is happening. The babe turns 1 month old next week (what.), and I might cry. Not joking.

4. Our bigger dog, Luna (who happens to be barking obnoxiously while the baby is sleeping... grrrr....) is SO fascinated by our little guy. The dogs aren't allowed to walk into carpeted rooms, but I guess she thinks she's a big deal and she gets to do whatever she wants? Puh-lease.

5. I'm just going to dump a bunch of pictures off of my phone. Because that's what new moms do. At least I'm not blowing up your Instagram feed. By the way, I would love for you to follow along! @leslynjacks :)

When we were out on a walk the other night... He just pulled his blanket up and looked at us like that the whole time. It was cute. 

My new favorite picture of my baby. 

Please caption this one. ;)

He has an old man receding hair line and it's hilarious. He's not losing hair anywhere else.


See?! Hairiest back ever. 

Naptime yesterday

He finally likes bath time now. Thank goodness. 

He loves his mama

Holding his head up... He did this for 5 minutes the other day. 

 photo c9b146dd-a2c3-4299-8e0b-a95042d86036_zps6bhzzwmj.png


Tiffany said...

Our little men have the same hair line... poor guys! I cant wait for bath time to he enjoyable...I cried our first one home. I'm such a softie! Praying for sleep for you mama. :)

Emily said...

He is absolutely precious!!! The hairy back--gah!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love his hands poking out under the little wrap he's in :)

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Adorable! And yay for solo naps!

Em said...

Oh my goodness, he's so precious!!! Your photos are just too cute!! Congrats!! :) I hope you have a great weekend!

Angie said...

He is absolutely perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I have to say I'm relived that in Canada we get a year maternity leave. It must be so hard!
The Accidental Mama