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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

‘Cause I’m Happ-ay

I've known Keisha for a long time, and she is seriously one of the coolest people I know (and the woman can cook like nobody's business). I've always admired her for so many reasons, and I think that you're going to like her a lot! :)

So, I’m admitting something and I’m admitting it on someone else’s blog.
There, I’ve said it and I feel better.  But seriously.  The guys have all their ESPN and news talk radio and what are we left to listen to?  So, since I’ve found myself on the open road some lately, I’ve had a chance to partake.  I don’t listen to it every day, but even if I’m traveling down to Fayetteville from Rogers, I find some nuggets of wisdom while I drive.
For those of you in Leslyn’s world that don’t know me, I’m a couple things:
-and a lot a bit, crazy
So, having something to take my mind while I’m driving is always a safer bet than the alternative; being left with my own thoughts.
Back in April, Oprah hosted 7-time Grammy award winning artist Pharrell Williams. The lovely thing about being behind on TV shows means you get to catch up on them and hear everything had you been sitting in your living room.  Its an interesting thing watching an episode of an Oprah show or OWN network with your ears.  I tell you, I hear a lot of things I would miss if I were just sitting on my couch watching the show.
He is an interesting little dude and I found some strong nuggets that I’ve been digesting over the last couple weeks.
So, I thought I would take advantage of my chance to invade Leslyn’s world and throw these same topics out for your thoughts, or at least for you to think about.
  • Life is about being used for something that’s greater than yourself.
  • Its most important to be doing something that makes you happy.
  • The best “boom” comes when you are at your wits end.
  • Purpose and intent make a big impact to the process.
  • I can be a better me.  I can’t imitate and be a better them.  I can only work it out and be a better me.
  • We each have a voice, we each have a passion.  Our obstacle is to figure out where the 2 meet.  Then, use one for the other.
  • Find your confidence in the mirror.
  • Everyone just wants to know they matter – it’s the common denominator of us all.
  • Sometimes we define ourselves by what we do and not who we are.  (that’s backwards-that part I added!)
  • To live a brave and courageous life, you have to be vulnerable.  Vulnerable includes love, life and being heard.
Seriously, he just says these kinds of things in regular conversation.  I’m not talking spiritual truths here and yes I do know what some of his songs say.  But, there are some truths here, worth pondering, none the less.
We all live from some common denominators.  Over at my blog, bigpittstop, we talk a lot about my personal struggles with the art of comparison, personal value, fear and worry.  It’s all things I chronically struggle with, but I’ll go on record to say they are conditioned behaviors that I’ve learned from the generations of women before me.
I’m guessing with my host being a new mama that many of her readers are as well so let me just offer some “big sister” advice - 
  • walk boldly today
  • be the best YOU, you can be
  • try and if you fail – tweak your life a little – try again
  • find something that fills your cup and figure out a way to work more of it into your life
  • lastly, give yourself a break – others will take your lead
  • we’ve got one of you, be the best of it you can be
From there, I kinda think the rest of it will fall into place.
Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Find 3 things you’re most thankful for and call it a day!

And, if you get bored, stop by and visit me sometime!
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Keisha is awesome and insightful as always! Jamie from Jamie's Thots (My Google id doesn't work right)