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Monday, October 6, 2014

Mama Mondays: Freezer Edition

My baby was in the freezer last week.

Now, before you call DHS, you need to read this story. It's real life.

Last week, we had some severe weather in Arkansas. Right before it hit, the hubby and I were hungry for dinner, so we decided to go to IHOP to grab a quick bite.

So we're sitting there, enjoying our extremely overpriced breakfast for dinner, when I look out the window and see sideways rain. It's so crazy that all of the employees at IHOP forget that they have jobs to do, and they all go outside to play in the rain. No, this is not a joke. Very professional.

I tell DJ that we need to hurry and go home. I ask for our check when our waitress decides that it's time to stop jumping in puddles and comes back inside. 

Well, right as the she returns our card to us, the manager comes out from the back and yells "I'm sorry I have to do this, but there's a tornado outside and I need everyone to get in the freezer now. My district manager won't let you leave."

At this point, I start FREAKING OUT. Because I'm about to go into a restaurant freezer. With my little human and a bunch of other humans that I don't know. 

Also, this is what my baby was wearing that day. Not freezer-friendly. 

Needless to say, I'm thinking that I'm about to strip down to my underwear if I have to so I can keep my child from getting frostbitten. Thankfully (for the other customers... because the good Lord knows that NOBODY wants to see this post-baby bod), they had a bunch of coats sitting in the back. Now, I don't know how long it's been since the darling employees at IHOP washed their coats. But we covered the babe with the coat and prayer so he wouldn't get some kind of nasty disease. 

Well apparently, he loves having a freezing cold face because he fell asleep. While a tornado was just blowing by. No biggie.

Anyhow, DJ is calm, the baby is sleeping, and I'm hyperventilating because I have no clue what's going on outside (because once you're locked in a freezer, you lose cell phone service. Convenient). After what feels like an eternity, they let us leave. Our car is intact, but there are trees down everywhere. Several hours later, I calm down and I laugh about the story. Because seriously.... This kind of stuff would only happen to me.

So there's the story of my baby being in a freezer. Do you have any bizarre stories like that? Or even just a plain boring one? Link up below and share with us!

Oh, and P.S.- in case you were wondering, that IHOP was very clean in the back. So that's good. ;) 

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Kristy @ Rejoice and Repeat said...

That's definitely a story for the baby book :)

Accidental Mama said...

Well that sounds terrifying. Babies are so weird that way. Stay up in perfectly good circumstances and then when things get crazy, time for a snooze. Glad everything worked out OK!
The Accidental Mama

Sierra&Faith Winks and Eyerolls said...

Oh my word! This is crazy. Thank God everything worked out and you are all ok.

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Oh dear... what a story... this is why we have our blogs. to capture these precious memories!

Angie said...

We have only had 1 tornado EVER in history here and it was a few years back. My cousin was eating at the Pizza Place when it came through. They put her in the freezer too. Must be their safe place LOL

Hall Around Texas said...

Oh my goodness! Tornados scare me almost more than anything else. I would have had a panic attack! I am glad you are all okay!!!