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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

God Knew.

This morning, I find myself in complete awe of God and how he orchestrates things. It's actually something I've been thinking about over the past few days.

God knew that I would have to go to 2 colleges before ending up at the right place. Had I not done that, I probably wouldn't have met DJ in the most perfect way... If you want to read the story, click here.

God knew that there would be failed attempts to pursue what I thought were my dreams (this even happened a few months ago). And through those failed attempts, He led me in the right direction and put me exactly where I needed to be.

God knew that we would struggle with infertility, only to give us a 1 in 200 million baby last year (he shares a birthday with his dad and paternal grandfather... the odds of that happening- and for all of them to be males- is 1 in 200 million. Amazing, huh?).

God knew that the timing of our move to Houston would seem inconvenient at the time- in the middle of the school year? Are you kidding me?! But He knew that there was a mommy-to-be in Houston who needed someone to love on her kiddos towards the end of the school year. So that's what I get to do.

God knew exactly how long our house would be on the market, and how the person we're under contract with more than likely found out about our house because friends shared our listing on their Facebook accounts. Ah, technology, I could kiss you right about now.

The thing is, there are still some questions about plenty of things. But this morning, I can rest assured knowing that God already knows how the next chapter of our crazy story is going to unfold.

He is so faithful. I am thankful to serve a God who cares about every facet of my life, and cares enough to make my story so unique to where I can confidently say that only God could have made my life what it is today.
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Lesley Ann Jones said...

Thank you for this. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

PolkaDottyPlace said...

SO sweet and SO true!! It's pretty amazing when you sit down and list it all out :)

Kristy @ Rejoice and Repeat said...

This gave me chills. He truly works things for our good. I I remain humbled by His goodness.

Kristin said...

Thank you for this! God knows...and that is such a comfort!