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Friday, November 6, 2015

*tap tap tap* is this thing on?

I haven't written on this old page in a while. There are so many things I want to talk about, but because I'm very scatterbrained at the moment, the best way for me to do this is to talk in bullet points. 

- I feel the need to deeply apologize for being "That annoying girl with a blog" for many years. I will confess that one recent sleepless night, I went through my twitter account and deleted a ton of tweets that were basically begging people to read my posts. I was trying to turn this thing into something that would bring in a significant amount of income. As you can guess by my many recent posts, it never happened. But stepping away for a long time helped me realize the value of what this blog could be.

- From here on out, this is going to be a space for me to document the little moments that happen in our lives. Not because I'm trying to advertise them to the world, but because I want to look back and remember sweet memories. No more obnoxious, self-promoting social media blasts (unless it's something super important. Then obviously I will shamelessly blow up your twitter and facebook feeds). 

- I started a new job, and it's the best thing that has ever happened in my career. I'm an elementary music teacher, and I couldn't love my job more. I nearly stepped away from teaching last year when we moved down here, but I knew God was telling me to give it one last shot. I'm so glad I listened. 

- It took a really long time (almost a year) for me to get into a groove here in Houston. In hindsight, I really think I struggled with depression the first few months we were here. I guess having a baby, selling your house, leaving all of your friends, and starting fresh can do that to some people. But I'm in a much better place now, by God's grace.

- I can't wait to post about Emmett in the near future. He's talking, walking/running, and doing the most hilarious things ALL THE TIME. His daddy and I are more smitten than ever with this kiddo.

- Speaking of kiddos, if you aren't following me on social media, you're the last person to find out that we're having another baby! Due date is May 5th, but today I learned that this one will be a scheduled C-section, so it will probably be born in April. We find out in a few weeks what we're having, so I'll be sure to give you an update.

Okay, I think that's everything for now. Have a happy weekend! 
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Kristy @ Rejoice and Repeat said...

I can't wait to hear more baby news!!!!

PolkaDottyPlace said...

Thanks for the update! Moving, relocating your entire life, new jobs and new everything with a baby is CRAZY! I definitely agree that it takes a solid year to feel comfortable in your own skin in a new place. I'm glad you're there. Your new job sounds wonderful and I know elementary teachers really appreciate having a wonderful music teacher. Congrats on baby #2. I love your new blog goals - to document your life and sweet memories. Take care :)

Soo Do-nim said...

That was a great blog post. Congratulations! I was going to ask you about that, but it's awkward to assume why someone is gaining weight :)

And your teaching career sounds fulfilling. I've never had that experience, although I've often wondered about it. Thanks for sharing.