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Monday, October 10, 2016

30 before 30 - revised

Two years ago, I posted this list. Since I posted it, plenty of things have changed. I've removed things that I COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT (*insert eye roll emoji). So here's my revised 30 before 30 list.

1. Begin doctoral work (I can't decide if I want to get a D.M.A. in Conducting or a Ph. D. in Music Education) Not gonna worry about that for a while. Would rather get more experience before I pursue this. 

2. Learn to play a new instrument. COMPLETE (guitar)

3. Take a trip at least once a year. So far, COMPLETE (Mexico, New York, Beach trip)

4. Learn how to make fried rice (like the good, Japanese steakhouse kind of fried rice) Still wanna do this. Working on it.

5. Sew a minimum of 3 articles of clothing for myself (and actually wear them) But for real? Why? Heavens no. 

6. Learn how to paint with oils. Still need to learn. 

7. Grow a garden (flowers or food... doesn't matter). 

Still wanna do this. I kept a basil plant alive for a month, does that count? Also- the rabbits in our neighborhood keep eating the flowers I planted. So this probably won't actually happen unless I have a little potted herb garden in my house, but does this even count? Why am I rambling about gardening? WHO AM I?

8. Create a successful blog brand (this blog has come a long way, but I think it could grow a lot more) We allll know this hasn't been a priority. Ha.

9. Become more proficient in photography. Totally have become more proficient, still want to learn more. 

10. Open an Etsy store. Still wanna do this.

11. Go to New York. COMPLETE

12. Watch a movie at a drive in theater. Working on it...

13. Host a dinner party. Still to come.

14. Run a half marathon. I hate running. No.

15. Go to a vineyard. DYINNNNNG TO GO.

16. Disconnect from the world for a weekend (no phone, email, social media, etc.). Seriously need to do this. 

17. Visit an orchard or a pumpkin patch. COMPLETE

18. Master the eight-angle yoga pose. Maybe? I dunno.


20. Be a published or paid writer (or maybe both??) Don't care about this anymore. 

21. Start (and stick with) a skin care regimen. I've been doing a good job washing my face and wearing sunscreen. So yes, I would say this is a good start. 

22. Improve my posture. Lol totally need to focus on this one.

23. Learn how to bake a delicious (and pretty) dessert. COMPLETE.

24. Have a post go viral on social media. Lol my sister has had several posts go viral. I have a post that has like 20k pins... Does that count? But in all seriousness- I don't care about it. 

25. Go to a high-end restaurant and eat a dinner that I cannot afford. COMPLETE.

26. Learn how to do pretty coffee art with lattes. Why did I even care about this? No. 

27. Learn how to play a piano piece more challenging than any other piece I've learned. Would still like to do this. Is it realistic? No. 

28. Participate in a 30 day challenge (photography, whole 30, etc.). COMPLETE (30 days of yoga)

29. Find the perfect LBD. Workin on it...

30. Upgrade my camera. Ditto...

So that leaves us with:
7 completed items (in two years.... get it together, Jacks).
3 that are in progress
8 new goals I need to make
12 that I haven't even started on.
So technically that's 20 I haven't started working on.

And I have a year to do this.


Here are my eight new goals:

1. Narrow my wardrobe down to things that fit my lifestyle (aka get rid of the dozens of dresses I bought at The Limited in college when I wanted to feel like an adult so I bought dresses that I've worn maybe three times in my whole life but whatever)

2. Reach my goal weight. I started working towards it in 2013, but got pregnant with E. Then I started working on it again in 2015, and got pregnant with MLJ. So I'm reeeeally hoping to meet this goal (and we're not planning on having more kids for a while... So maybe it will happen this time?). If we count my heaviest weight (delivery day when I had Emmett), I will have lost 75 lbs by the end of this. I am down 53 so far. I'll probably blog about this some more very soon.

3. Create a simple system where I can easily plan healthy, delicious meals for my family. Meal planning is soooo annoying, but it saves time and money. So I need to figure out a way that works for me.

4. Start a new habit of not laying my work clothes on the floor when I change after I get home. I just need the put them in the hamper. 

5. Fill my days with the things that matter most to me. Looking back on the past few years, I've wasted so much of my time doing things that don't matter. I'm going to change that. This basically means drastically cutting back on social media time.

6. Buy a gift for my husband that he absolutely loves... I've learned that I need to think about stuff I would never want as a gift and buy it for him because he'd love it. Cleaning supplies are his fave. And don't get me started on fancy kitchen objects. 

7. Get my kids' baby books filled and completed. Mercy in heaven that is a LONG process. 

8. Create a habit of reading my bible and praying every day. Separate post coming soon. 

Okay people, I'm making this last year in my 20s count! Here we go!

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